Sugar Rush (Portugal #2)

Sugar Rush

Baking teaches us, if you ask me, a vital lesson about life: if you want your cake to be sweet, you better put sugar in it. Yet we all know that sugar gets you fat, rots your teeth and ages your skin. But what would be the point of eating cake after cake of unsavory dough, to forsake the sweetness of pleasure simply because it brings a cost with it?

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The Indian Life (India #5)


When you travel you tend to realize how difficult it is to fully partake in all the life that is out there. Perhaps because I was very tired, not particularly enchanted with the city, or because the city simply does not have all that much to offer, yet most likely a combination of all of the above, I have not seen much of the former city of Bombay. Instead, I spent most of my time with one of the locals.

Maybe I was just lacking monkey.
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Iron Cows (Denmark #2)


My journey would take me away from the cold, rainy capital, with its modern buildings and unfriendly people, to the depths of the country, equally cold, rainy and slightly unfriendly. It was bewildering how this country worked, prompting me to pursue the Quest for the Friendly People, which seemed an elusive species here. Yet I had hope, as I approached my destination: Herlufsholm, the boarding school. Or as I would call it, Hogwarts.

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On being gay and loving someone

Who is this child talking about love and relationships as if he knows anything? I would start with a disclaimer – I, indeed, have very little experience in relationships or love. Does this stop me from making observations? I dont thinks so. You dont need to be an amazing cook to be able to be a food critic. So this post might be more from what I see than what I do. And I would like a slightly different approach to it, so here it goes:


My dear future husband,

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The Doctor Lies

Truth is everybody lies. At some point or another – or, in some case, all the time except some point or another – they will lie to you. Some, I accept, because they have your best interest at heart. Others because they have their own best interest at heart – which in a way I think is perfectly legitimate considering it’s a dog eat dog world.


Truth is trust is risky business. From cheating lovers to mean classmates, every time we trust someone we expose ourselves to risk. Sometimes small risk sometimes big one. Now, I’m not saying to never trust anyone. Just that I think people need to always understand that trust is risky. That the people who trust you are giving you an amazing gift.


Nor am I saying lying is bad. Don’t get me wrong – I love lying. But I found that the better you are at lying the less point you see to it. The same way trust is risky, so is lying. Lies ruin trust like nothing else. Once gone, it’s a very hard thing to get back.


So why am I talking about all this nonsense? About trusting other and telling truths? Perhaps all I want is to let some people who trust me know how much I appreciate what they are doing. I tend to be a manipulative person, yet I do it with some people because I care about them. Sure, some of you should probably not trust me. The same way I should not trust some of you. It’s like gambling. But this game is rigged in your favour. Sometimes you lose – you can’t control that. You can try and get better at reading people, but you won’t be bullet proof. So just take a few hits. Because when that gamble wins…

Convict Island (Tasmania #1)


Travelling, for me, is a conquest. It is the ultimate intellectual challenge. It is the only arena where you actually have to transfer all those skills, all that intellect, all that charm, to conquer the real challenges of life. As Goethe said: “I hate everything that merely instructs me without augmenting or directly invigorating my activity”.
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