The Clove Club

I have always maintained that expectations often preclude a disappointment – sadly, this statement often proves true when it comes to restaurants.

It isn’t hard not to have expectations of the Clove Club, as it comfortably sits at No 26 on the San Pellegrino Worlds 50 Best Restaurant list. Perhaps this situation wasn’t aided by my recent obsession with the Netlix series “Chef’s Table” (which I highly recommend to all, foodies and non-foodies alike). But it was a disappointment nonetheless.Continue reading

Shoreditch Grind

It is appropriate that Shoreditch Grind has a name reminiscent of “the daily grind”, as that is what it ultimately seems to be. Just like its apparent sister, London Grind, the place entices you with neon signs and logos such as “sex, coffee and rock n roll”, but it’s questionable how well it delivers.

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The Piadina Project

The number of people per square meter ratio is usually a good indicative of whether a place is good or not – especially true in Asia – or, in today’s world, of whether something is popular (I’m looking at you Bone Daddies). In truth, I am often dismayed by loud, noisy environments, full of people and invasion of private space. That’s how we ended up in The Piadina Project.

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Loves Company

As the “Bare Necessities” played effortless in the background, we sat at the high chairs, the dying light of day slowly giving way to a soft darkness that enveloped the streets. Loves Company has a very Hollywood-esque appearance to me (then again I’ve never been to Hollywood so what do I know?), and any bar that has a poster of Akira deserves at least some sort of recognition.

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The concept of “fusion” within gastronomy is one that I do not usually agree with – often either a front for not having to adhere to certain rules that have a point or at times just so you could sell both Korean and Japanese food but it’s not actually fusion (I’m looking at you, Melbourne). But I must say, seeing what was clear a hint towards Korean burrito (Korrito) sold me on the spot.

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Dum Dums Donutterie

Boxpark in Shoreditch is a great place to be at, especially now that the sun has graced us with its presence after aeons of rain, given all the myriad of small shops and restaurants that exist there. A DJ was playing the regular dutz dutz dutz as we casually entered Dum Dums Donutterie for some mouth watering dessert.

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I had seen the words “Peruvian” and “brunch” mixed into what ended up being a delicious time over at Lima Floral, so was rather excited to see even more such opportunities closer by in Shoreditch. With glowing reviews everywhere, it was a bit of a downer to end up feeling rather lukewarm about the whole meal.

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