The Clove Club

I have always maintained that expectations often preclude a disappointment – sadly, this statement often proves true when it comes to restaurants.

It isn’t hard not to have expectations of the Clove Club, as it comfortably sits at No 26 on the San Pellegrino Worlds 50 Best Restaurant list. Perhaps this situation wasn’t aided by my recent obsession with the Netlix series “Chef’s Table” (which I highly recommend to all, foodies and non-foodies alike). But it was a disappointment nonetheless.Continue reading


Fluffy pancakes doused with maple syrup, scrumptious eggs on toasts, a delicious floral Earl Grey to go with them all – this is what breakfast dreams are made of. The reality is that most breakfast menus will contain the classical dishes and little more, like muffins or eggs Benedict (not that this is necessarily a bad thing). So whenever a restaurant offers something like “Truffle-infused hollandaise and asparagus” for my Benedicts, it’s an instant choice for what I will order.
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Duck & Waffle

Dear bearded beauty,

How unexpected life throws you from a seemingly distraught morning where you rush your ever late sister towards the restaurant you had previously despised; the restaurant upon which you showered blogospheric hell-fire for keeping you hungry for 40 minutes then sending you away, bellies empty and growling.  What was a simple mission to see whether the hype was any worth, turned into so much more.

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Bring on 2015

Faster than I could snap my fingers and the new year has already begun. Some reflections over my blog and the year in front of it, with some restaurant openings to watch sprinkled in-between.

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Clockjack Oven


There is something rather devilish about watching a couple of headless, featherless chicken engulfed in flames and having one’s mouth water. At times, as my blog constantly insists, people need simple, hearty food to fill their bellies with. Agonizing over where to go, I was interested in trying this rotisserie and see what’s up with it.

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Fait Maison


There a new foodie (back) in town, and he is not taking prisoners! Unless by prisoners we understand some sort of uncooked, unsalted morsels taken from the bottom of the sea and then left on a plate to be swarmed by flies and maggots. Because then I’m not putting that in my mouth.

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The Hardware Sociéte


Sometimes, even though times are tough and the wallet might be particularly filled with moths and various other pieces of paper that cannot be used to buy a piece of bread with, you feel the need to treat yourself to something good. Some people buy shoes, some people get a nice haircut. I eat. And sometimes I enjoy it.

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