The Potato Project (Soho)

Even in my darkest times while living in Australia (it’s true, I used to complain more than I should have, it’s really not that bad), there was always one thing about it that gave me hope in a better life, in the existence of a higher purpose: Spud Bar. Something as simple as a baked potato with all the filing one could wish is the perfect evolution of “fast food” that also doesn’t make me feel like I’ve just drank antifreeze.

So think of the joy when I realized the Spud Bar has a London equivalent: the Potato Project.

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Graffiti and potatoes

Someone had a bit too much Regina & the Diamonds

In very many regards, Fitzroy reminds me of Camden. The same atmosphere, very similar architecture. Yet it is quite certain that Fitzroy is much more plagued by graffiti than any London area I’ve seen. Some are nice, some are just strange. Some just don’t have skill.

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