Old friends, creepy art (Lithuania #3)


One of the best things about traveling is when you get to meet old acquaintances that you know from some random international event, from school or from whatever dodgy placers you go to at night and meet people. It’s great not only because they can actually show you what’s worth seeing, but because you get to reconnect with people you havent seen in quite a while. Let’s face it – Facebook messenger just isn’t good enough.

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Running with babies (Lithuania #2)

Running with babies

One of the greatest characteristics a city can have is versatility: to provide with the modern and the old in the same time, give you great bars and great parks to relax in, give you the yin and the yang. Many cities in Eastern Europe, which have seen a great economic boom, provide just with that: new, flashy building right next to a soviet bloc. There is a lovely mix of the new and the old in Vilnius.


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Military Men (Lithuania #1)


My friends would often inquire, in the past few weeks, “why are you going to Lithuania?”, a tone of lack of any kind of logical understanding dripping from the line. I would respond rather bemused, “Flights were cheap”. Surely enough, that is a great reason for any escapade. Combine the fact that I had never been to Lithuania nor any place near the Baltics, and you have a compelling reason to do anything.

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