Blue Lizards (Japan 2015)

The unending diversity of landscape that Japan has to offer never ceases to amaze me, and in the summer of 2015 I had the great opportunity to visit its emerald islands that looked as if they had been plucked straight out of Jurassic World (amusingly, I had just seen Jurassic World the previous week). Okinawa, beyond being a famous American military base, is a short (approx 3h) hop from Tokyo and a little tropical paradise. But then, going to Okiwana wouldn’t have been exciting for us…

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Japanese Food (Survival Guide)

For a long time I've thought about creating a guide to the intricacy that is Japanese cuisine - especially since there is so much food out there that many foreigners haven't heard of. So whether you're stuck in some dodgy alley in Harajuku and aren't sure exactly what you ordered, or you're in London and trying to impress a friend that's visiting you with how culturally diverse you are, here's a (hopefully appropriate) guide:

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Forest Gods (Japan 2014)

Too often do overlook the natural beauty of the countries that we visit – the creeks, the caves, the mountains, the deadly creatures of the Australian bush that almost all want to kill you. This beauty that has inspired art, architecture, religions and entire civilization.

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Traditions (Japan 2014)

Traveling (or actually almost everything in my life) is like sex. The first time you meet someone there is a certain excitement, a newness to it all. The second time, however, that buzz is gone. You notice all the little flaws that you missed the first time round, but you also become less clumsy, more sure of yourself. The exploration becomes deeper – which could very well mean you end up disliking what you find.

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Surviving Tokyo


Alas, returning to my dreary homeless life in Melbourne, I still do not forget of my duties towards my blog readers (even as I am listening to a Microeconomics lecture). So here is a big overview of how to survive in Tokyo (and potentially the rest of Japan).

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Titanium (Japan #9)


At times, visiting cities is like having a love affair, and, like love affairs, it all has an end. Sometimes you sneak away in the middle of the night, sometimes it’s all a bit of a drunken haze. Yet sometimes you get to sleep in, leave the key in the post box and breathe in the fresh spring air.

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Big fat men (Japan #8)


As the Tokyo part of my trip comes to an end, I feel the need to dedicate this post to the simple people of the city: the mud slingers and construction workers, the chefs and cooks and assistant cooks, the people who sit at underground exists and whom I continuously force to change my tickets.

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