Cliff of Moher (Ireland #2)

Cliffs of Moher

One thing you should potentially never mix is children and cliffs. Well, unless you are the Pied Piper and intend to drown aforementioned children at bottom of aforementioned cliffs. Whilst I can’t particularly say I cared about where they pranced, seeing some of my lab kids frolicking at the edge of the abyss wasn’t a most pleasant experience.

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Strange, Forum Blues (Ireland #1)

Forum blues

Certainly enough, this is a little bit of cheating. Whilst this grand adventure did take place in the Land of Potatoes & Rain, there will be little mentioning in this post on what to see in lovely Galway or what to be afraid of in Ireland. It’s more an exploration of the whirlwind that is the Youth Forum once more, with plenty of amusing pictures to delight even the most dimwited readers of mine.

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