Berlin: Uncensored

The music seeps through the door inside the bathroom, mirrors covered in black trash bags, men, women and everything in-between or outside the traditional binary understanding of gender mixing together, several of them folding at each time within the stalls like a well oiled Tetris machine. Even your phone has had a neat little sticker attached to it, to prevent you from taking pictures. It’s not just for show – what the club tries is to create a certain culture, also achieved by brutally denying entrance to anyone who wouldn’t fit it. It’s no wonder this futuristic, techno libertarian environment created inside.

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Kazbar is part of the “holy trinity” of gay bars populating Clapham (together with the 2Brewers and the Bridge) – an area which, to my surprise, many Londoners have never been. Clapham is hip, it’s new, and absolutely buzzing with life (and police/fire trucks). With summer still here for an unknown period of time, it’s time to put on some skimpy clothing and head to the Common and the bars of the area.

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Comptons of Soho

Abundant, in Soho, are the bars where a gay man can go and be himself. In reflections of such a difficult task that is which one to pick, I’ve decided to start reviewing them (in a very PG13 fashion that reveals nothing about my particular encounters at any aforementioned places).

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The Friendly Society

It has been long overdue that I start reviewing some gay bars – if only in the hope of shepherding all those lost souls to the most appropriate of venues. Considering this, Soho might seem like a strange place to start for exploring the gay scene, considering the slow death it seems to have been condemned to. Despite this, however, it is the most central hub and still incredibly popular.

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On being gay and loving someone

Who is this child talking about love and relationships as if he knows anything? I would start with a disclaimer – I, indeed, have very little experience in relationships or love. Does this stop me from making observations? I dont thinks so. You dont need to be an amazing cook to be able to be a food critic. So this post might be more from what I see than what I do. And I would like a slightly different approach to it, so here it goes:


My dear future husband,

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International Day Against Homophobia

(yes, it is double post day!)

Perhaps a bit late, but yesterday was the International Day Against Homophobia! Yay for us (or not so yay because this day can only exist if Homophobia exists and homophobia isn’t very fun).

Here’s a little gift from Daniel for everyone out there -struggling not to kill idiots who thing being gay is a sin and people struggling to understand their children that they love so much (I know it’s not as easy as some people would claim it to be).


PS: Feel free to share this video. I actually encourage people to do so! Let social media prevail against the tyranny of people!

The Tennis Player

The tennis player

The study of the human body and the human mind has spanned into countless subjects, from art to psychology, from literature to blogging. Sure, all I am doing is hiding a post all about eye-candy as being something much more complex (as well as appealing to sports people). Nothing wrong with that.

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