The Clove Club

I have always maintained that expectations often preclude a disappointment – sadly, this statement often proves true when it comes to restaurants.

It isn’t hard not to have expectations of the Clove Club, as it comfortably sits at No 26 on the San Pellegrino Worlds 50 Best Restaurant list. Perhaps this situation wasn’t aided by my recent obsession with the Netlix series “Chef’s Table” (which I highly recommend to all, foodies and non-foodies alike). But it was a disappointment nonetheless.Continue reading

The Old Bar & Union Club Hotel

A bit dark but a nice retreat from the heat

A bit dark but a nice retreat from the heat

Gone are the days with interesting blog post titles! Gone! (I have realized that when blogging about restaurants it might be slightly more convenient if people know what restaurant I’m reviewing before randomly clicking on the post. Sigh. How reality just kills the child within me). Luckily, the pictures remain (oh how I love pictures. I don’t understand why books don’t have more of them), so let’s get ready for a double-locale posting!

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