Chilli Peanut Butter Chicken

The chilli peanut butter chicken works best with rice and it's a good recipe for bulking up as well: peanut butter is high in natural fats and calories. It's also incredibly easy to make, and, if you are put off by some more exotic ingredients on the list (which might not be easy to find outside the UK), feel free to simplify it.

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Whyte & Brown

It is often the case that cities have little bits of themselves stashed away, even in central/touristy areas such as Oxford Street; surely enough I’d more easily find my way out of the Minotaur’s Labyrinth than figuring out where Kingly Court is (even after nearly 5 years here), but once you do find it the place has a great intimate vibe, one which, if I had been to places like San Francisco ever in my life, I would say is like that.

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Dozo Sushi (Kensington)


Another day, another time to eat out – especially since I will be leaving my precious London for another month. As the suggestion of eating Japanese came up, I was tempted to say no. After having eaten amazing food in Japan, I was afraid of trying anything in other places, as I know how often the Japanese food is just not up to par.

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Clockjack Oven


There is something rather devilish about watching a couple of headless, featherless chicken engulfed in flames and having one’s mouth water. At times, as my blog constantly insists, people need simple, hearty food to fill their bellies with. Agonizing over where to go, I was interested in trying this rotisserie and see what’s up with it.

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The great part of living in a rather big and cosmopolitan city like Melbourne is that you get to eat all sorts of cuisine without having the need to travel. New tastes are also a great way of exploring the local “flora and fauna” of restaurants. So tonight, I had my first take of Nepalese! (sure, I would have preferred a ticket to Nepal so I can get the genuine deal, but one must be content with what he has sometimes)

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Dae Jang Geum Korean BBQ


For many months I had to bear the constant moaning of the Sala of how much meat Korean BBQ’s offer you, of how you fill your stomach with tasty, succulent morsels of the flesh (not that kind of flesh), but I had been robbed of such experience whilst in Japan. It was high time such mockery ended! So we enter the BBQ place – hungry as hellhounds.

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Chilli Chicken

It seems as if my Australian adventure doesn’t produce as many posts as I would have expected, but what can I say – my life can’t be a continuous bundle of fun. So let’s just sit back and cook some food.

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