The Clove Club

I have always maintained that expectations often preclude a disappointment – sadly, this statement often proves true when it comes to restaurants.

It isn’t hard not to have expectations of the Clove Club, as it comfortably sits at No 26 on the San Pellegrino Worlds 50 Best Restaurant list. Perhaps this situation wasn’t aided by my recent obsession with the Netlix series “Chef’s Table” (which I highly recommend to all, foodies and non-foodies alike). But it was a disappointment nonetheless.Continue reading

The Potato Project (Soho)

Even in my darkest times while living in Australia (it’s true, I used to complain more than I should have, it’s really not that bad), there was always one thing about it that gave me hope in a better life, in the existence of a higher purpose: Spud Bar. Something as simple as a baked potato with all the filing one could wish is the perfect evolution of “fast food” that also doesn’t make me feel like I’ve just drank antifreeze.

So think of the joy when I realized the Spud Bar has a London equivalent: the Potato Project.

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The Calf

There was a soft autumn light which poured itself insideĀ the pub – which is strange given that it is only the beginning of spring. The Calf was eerily quiet, as many places tend to be at this time of the day, but I’ve always found that to be a perk, and it meant we could easily pick whichever part of the pub to accommodate us.

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The Gun

Looking back at the traditions of especially posh Britain, hunting used to be something that was quite important – even if it has now decreased quite considerably. The London food scene has certainly started flirting with the likes of offal (internal organs and entrails) and game, but then again what does it not flirt with? It’s quite nice to then find a restaurant that really does celebrate that sort of cuisine and it fits in well with the atmosphere.

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Rum & Sugar

The West India Quay side of the Wharf tends to be one of the go-to locations for after-work drinks, so it was high time to explore what the area offers in terms of lunches. Rum & Sugar makes me think of Jamaica and pirates for some odd reason (admittedly, the rum is probably the culprit there, but sugar itself used to be one of the most valuable goods pirates could get their hands on).

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The Latchmere

Despite the fact that the Sunday roast is inspired by church going, I have always enjoyed this staple British dish. Maybe it was because it does, in a way, make me think of my own family Sunday lunches. It feels homey, and is a good slab of meat dish to help with my carnivorous diet.

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The Dairy

London has no shortage of areas thatĀ are a marvel to wonder around yet have been completely neglected by its inhabitants who seem to only know of Soho and other zone 1 areas – and Clapham is certainly one of them. Not only does it have the Common (this vast area of green space), but it has quite a buzzing food scene too.
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