A perpetual nemesis of all our waistlines, desserts occupy a special place in every culture and human beings heart. They are a celebratory treat, something sweet to perk up a shitty week, the cherry on top after a nice date. This characteristic of theirs has permeated all of civilizations - from children to Michelin starred chefs, desserts really are the next frontier. London does really great on this scene, part because it has such a diversity of cuisines, part because it does have quite an "advanced" and experienced food scene. Note: This list only has places which either serve only desserts, or I had reviewed only that part of them (for example while Princi has a large desserts section, you can also go to the bistro and eat). But if popular opinion says I should include other restaurants as well, I am more than happy.

Best Food

Mantovani 1946

As “ice-cream” rolled off the imaginary tongue of my mind, thoughts of warm halcyon days arose, equipped with the generic flavoured frozen water we call gelato. Few understand the full potential that ice-cream can have within gastronomy, with notable names such as Heston Blumenthal being one, but it seems Mantovani 1946 also understand that this can truly be an art.

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Despite attempting to live a life guided by fitness, virtue and endless sarcasm (as I say this, Ginsberg’s “Howl” comes to mind, with endless…), one needs to be able to indulge every now and again. Indulgence being a rarity (of sorts), it should hence be done properly and with the best there is – you don’t want to waste your cheat day on garbage. Finding a good desserts place isn’t easy, but there is plenty of hope.

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Unique Experience