The Cow

One might ask themselves why a bar/pub decides to set “cows” as a theme for themselves – from the painfully bad puns, such as “udder floors”, to the oddly cowboyesque furniture. The answer, I believe, is simple: being part of the new complex in Stratford, it gives an eery feeling of ready-made-building. Someone, somewhere, knew that plain pubs or bars aren’t as good as ones that have a vibe. Or a theme.┬áSo they just picked whatever they could come up with and did this.

The place was fairly noisy and busy (at around 5PM on a Friday), with no free space to sit at really. The selection of drinks was your run-of-the-mill pub really, and it wouldn’t be a place I would come drink unless it was the closest thing to work and I couldn’t be bothered to go anywhere else.


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Freud has been a great influence in both psychology and culture (besides the fact that the man had a fantastic beard), and it’s quite the mental exercise to try and think what kind of bars he would have frequented. In truth, Freud (the bar) has been something that was quite well seen on the London circuit and for very good reasons.

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Dry Martini

Freud had devised a technique in psychology called “free association”, and for me whenever someone would say Martini (far less often than you would think), the word “bondesque” springs into mind. Swiftly moving on from what that tells about my psyche, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised that the Dry Martini bar itself also seemed to match that word incredibly well. I ended up having a very pleasant night thanks to Hot Joint.

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No 32 The Old Town

The holders on the bar, containing celery, sage, and all the other wonders of cocktail making, were like an invitation to a small boozy garden. It was an excellent use of ingredients as props while not losing any practicality. It also wonderfully mimicked the outside of No 32 The Old Town which planted lavender, sage, and all the other wonders of cocktail to grow and be an actual garden(ish).

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Kazbar is part of the “holy trinity” of gay bars populating Clapham (together with the 2Brewers and the Bridge) – an area which, to my surprise, many Londoners have never been. Clapham is hip, it’s new, and absolutely buzzing with life (and police/fire trucks). With summer still here for an unknown period of time, it’s time to put on some skimpy clothing and head to the Common and the bars of the area.

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Ku Bar

There are a few bars which embrace the more shallow needs of its target audience, and Ku Bar is one that shamelessly does so. So if alcohol, eye-candy and a bit of prancing around sounds like the perfect night out for you, this might be it.

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Comptons of Soho

Abundant, in Soho, are the bars where a gay man can go and be himself. In reflections of such a difficult task that is which one to pick, I’ve decided to start reviewing them (in a very PG13 fashion that reveals nothing about my particular encounters at any aforementioned places).

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