The Cow

One might ask themselves why a bar/pub decides to set “cows” as a theme for themselves – from the painfully bad puns, such as “udder floors”, to the oddly cowboyesque furniture. The answer, I believe, is simple: being part of the new complex in Stratford, it gives an eery feeling of ready-made-building. Someone, somewhere, knew that plain pubs or bars aren’t as good as ones that have a vibe. Or a theme. So they just picked whatever they could come up with and did this.

The place was fairly noisy and busy (at around 5PM on a Friday), with no free space to sit at really. The selection of drinks was your run-of-the-mill pub really, and it wouldn’t be a place I would come drink unless it was the closest thing to work and I couldn’t be bothered to go anywhere else.


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Poncho 8

Burritos are really my jam, so discovering there is a (new?) place that caters for that in the Wharf was great – that, and they offer chicken burritos which is just great. I was trying out the new MealPal app which meant no queue for me, because otherwise Canary Wharf queues tend to be soul-crushing during lunch times. The meat was very tender and deliciously spicy, with a gorgeous guacamole filling, in what ended up quite a decent sized meal.

Poncho 8 does self-describe itself as offering the “best burritos in London” – which I’m not entirely quite sure would stand an objective analysis, as Korrito was incredible, but it definitely is a really good option (Especially for the area).


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Wok to Walk

Wok to Walk very much reminds me of when we got the first similar(ish) restaurant in my hometown (Cluj) and it was very bloody exciting. I, for one, love Asian cuisine and it was particularly exotic back in the day. The way I would describe this restaurant is more as an Asian fast food joint – which for all intents and purposes, it is – than anything else. It offers decent(ish) food for a good enough price, and I do somehow feel more comfortable that I’m not eating rat meat than with the equivalents of Burger King and McDonalds.


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Burnt Toast Cafe

Brixton market is always a somewhat surreal experience, by virtue of how un-London the whole place is – more similar to a marketplace in Marrakech than our urban jungle. It’s also one of the few places where virtually all restaurants (bar one) are cash only. As I found out tho, it’s also the home of one of London’s must visit breakfast places.

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The Calf

There was a soft autumn light which poured itself inside the pub – which is strange given that it is only the beginning of spring. The Calf was eerily quiet, as many places tend to be at this time of the day, but I’ve always found that to be a perk, and it meant we could easily pick whichever part of the pub to accommodate us.

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Freud has been a great influence in both psychology and culture (besides the fact that the man had a fantastic beard), and it’s quite the mental exercise to try and think what kind of bars he would have frequented. In truth, Freud (the bar) has been something that was quite well seen on the London circuit and for very good reasons.

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Mole Taco Bar

The calavera, also know as a “sugar skull”, is a now a mainstream identifier of Mexico. The calavera actually comes from Dia de los Muertos, Day of the Dead, which is a celebration of, well, you’ve got it, the dead. It involves food, another central staple of Mexican culture, and Mole Taco Bar is a perfect ode to that celebration of death and life.

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Tea House Theatre

The cakes are scattered around the room, kept safely under their little glass dome, much alike the rose in Beauty & the Beast (I can’t help it that is what those things make me think about all the time). Much akin to the random spread of cakes, the furniture itself is an ode to the Brownian motion – which is really what the theatre is behind the curtains.

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The Dairy – Breakfast Edition

Deciding a good place to brunch is never as easy as TV series would depict, where characters seemingly wake up with divine providence of where to go. Instead, there’s more of a barrage of queries such as “will we even get a table there”, “how far is it”, and, my favorite, “will it have a nice enough bathroom if the detox juice gives me the looseys (I wanted to find a cuter word for diarrhea)?”. Alright, you got me, that last one is actually my sisters favorite question but I like to be inspired.

Getting back to the topic, it’s harder to find a brunch place when one of the questions is “will they let me take pictures of topless men in their restaurant?”

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Min Jiang

Min Jiang, self declared London’s most authentic Chinese restaurant (note how the duck was brought out by a white man so not so sure what authentic means), is certainly one to visit. It has a great combination of high quality food, impressive view over London (perhaps not as impressive as the Shard but from this side of the city it’s as much as you can get), and good service.

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