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I had always flirted with the idea of becoming a writer (the vast amounts of unfinished novels that populate the vast empire beneath my bed back home are proof to that), so blogging was a great and easy way to make sure that I keep my skills sharp. Practice really does make perfect.


  1. Loooove it. Remember one thing (from a somewhat seasoned lawyer: in law, be nice until it’s no longer effective. Only show your “bitch” when “bitch” is the only language that is understood. I have resolved a lot of cases and made it very far in my business by making it my utmost priority by being the nicest, and smartest, person in the room.

    • Haha I’m usually (fake but almost real) nice, except when I debate or do public speaking. I’ve learned that people like other people that are bitches. With a few limits, off course.

      Keeping the bitchiness as a hidden weapon otherwise.

  2. Hi,

    We received a request from Urbanspoon user “Ioan Nascu” claiming that they are the author of secretemple. I’m writing to verify that this is the case and that you want to allow Ioan Nascu to manage your blog on Urbanspoon.

    You can visit the Urbanspoon page for secretemple here:

    Please reply via email and let me know whether or not we should approve this claim.



  3. FYI 36 is a small number. Numbers can go all the way up to infinity. 36 is on the low end of this scale.

    • Jimbo, oh Jimbo. I can call you Jimbo, right?

      You are so right – numbers do indeed go all the way up to infinity (unless you’re in binary in which case they only go up to 1). However, the number of countries does not. They only go up to currently 196.

      I know what you mean tho – has anyone really traveled enough, when there is so much of this world to be seen? No, I’m afraid not. The strange thing about pride tho is that every human being has the capacity of being proud of the smallest aspects of themselves. People can be proud of picking up litter from the street or winning a game of poker against friends. 36 might be on the low end of the scale, but it’s high enough for me to be proud of it.

    • You mean from “secretemple”? Well the initial name I had was “secret temple” but I thought “secrettemple.com” looks a bit strange so I decided to be all “cool” and cut one of the t’s. Hence, secretemple.

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