The Cow

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One might ask themselves why a bar/pub decides to set “cows” as a theme for themselves – from the painfully bad puns, such as “udder floors”, to the oddly cowboyesque furniture. The answer, I believe, is simple: being part of the new complex in Stratford, it gives an eery feeling of ready-made-building. Someone, somewhere, knew that plain pubs or bars aren’t as good as ones that have a vibe. Or a theme.┬áSo they just picked whatever they could come up with and did this.

The place was fairly noisy and busy (at around 5PM on a Friday), with no free space to sit at really. The selection of drinks was your run-of-the-mill pub really, and it wouldn’t be a place I would come drink unless it was the closest thing to work and I couldn’t be bothered to go anywhere else.


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