Min Jiang

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Min Jiang, self declared London’s most authentic Chinese restaurant (note how the duck was brought out by a white man so not so sure what authentic means), is certainly one to visit. It has a great combination of high quality food, impressive view over London (perhaps not as impressive as the Shard but from this side of the city it’s as much as you can get), and good service.

LocationMin Jiang, Kensington, LondonMin Jiang - Royal Garden Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Cuisine: Chinese

Camera: iPhone 7

But enough about that. In fact, ignore the delicious dim sum and the squid, and everything else. What you are here for is the duck – and it doesn’t come cheap. A whole duck will set you back 60£, but will come in two servings. The first, which will see not just deliciously crispy duck skin, but also slices of duck that you can make little pancakes with.

The legendary wood-fired Beijing Duck is one of those dishes that you will contemplate having intercourse with –  duck meat is fattier than chicken or turkey, which, prepared in the right way, cut into thin slices, wrapped in a pancake with some plum sauce and garlic, hits your taste buds like a line of cocaine (but the legal, food version of it).



Grade: Apostle



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