Marine Ices

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I seem to be rather obsessed with going down memory lane lately, with another post that plunges me back into the depths of my youth and makes me remember kindergarten. Mind you, I did go to kindergarten in Eastern Europe, next to a decrepit building where, all the kids could tell you wholeheartedly, a witch lived – so whether this association is good or bad can be left to the imagination.

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Cuisine: Desserts

Camera: Nikkon D80, Nikkor 50mm lensSquare Meal

I had actually been invited to a blogger event here at Marine Ices but as you all know, and trust, I do not abide by any sort of social conventions that would make me be nicer to a place that I review. I give you the “T”.

The staff there was quite cheery and friendly. In terms of the ice cream itself, I did appreciate how many of the varieties often included fruit in them, which not only added nicely to the texture, but I felt it also added a much needed freshness and was playful with the flavour. The fruits became a bit sour compared to the sweetness of the ice cream which was quite nice. The ice cream, however, was just your average gelato really. The whipped cream felt like one of those you get from a can, lacking any flavour whatsoever and could so easily just be taken out of the picture – it did take away from what was otherwise a decent ice cream.

Grade: Purgatory

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