20 days no sugar

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Sugar is certainly one of this millennium’s great villains – I’ve heard so much about it, from the fact that it ages you faster, to the clear link it has to putting on (unhealthy) weight, to rotting your teeth and all that. But I have always been believer in knowing the trade off one would make for something – such as giving up sugar, so I wanted to see how my body would feel without it in my life.

So how does this work? Between 1 Dec – 20 Dec I will not be eating (or drinking) anything that has refined sugar in it. Which means no sugary drinks, no adding sugar to anything, no cakes. I’ve decided that I am allowed to have fruit, not that I ever eat any.

Why am I doing this versus just slowly reducing sugar from my life? Mostly because I want to see what effect having no sugar has on myself. Everybody reacts differently to certain foods and nutriments and I believe it is important to understand what effect (if any) it has. To do this, I need to completely cut out sugars so as to have a much more rapid reaction to it,

I accept that there are some effects which come from long term usage that this little experiment won’t uncover. But it should still be interesting to see what comes of it, no?

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    • So far so good – I will definitely have an update post to say how I feel.

      I was pretty sure you dont eat much refined sugar anyway, no?

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