Dry Martini

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Freud had devised a technique in psychology called “free association”, and for me whenever someone would say Martini (far less often than you would think), the word “bondesque” springs into mind. Swiftly moving on from what that tells about my psyche, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised that the Dry Martini bar itself also seemed to match that word incredibly well. I ended up having a very pleasant night thanks to Hot Joint.

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Cuisine: Bar

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As mentioned in the intro, the night had been a Martini masterclass organised by Hot Joint, but as per usual, everything in this post is genuinely my opinion blah blah as if I would ever admit otherwise.

The hard sole of my shoes created a distinctive click on the marble floor of the hotel, as I was approaching the bar, inducing me to visualize Viktoria Modesta’s videoclip “Prototype” (intro scene). As I went past the entrance to the bar, the interior extended in front of me, open yet suitably dark and mysterious. This could easily be the setting where I would place either spy characters or high-class prostitutes (most likely both, considering the stories I write).

I’m quite sure the owner of the bar wont appreciate my last line – but it really is meant as a compliment. There is a dark seduction that the place offers, the bar itself a superb piece of work. The cold smooth metal, the crystal glasses, the plush opulent chairs. A controlled excess.


The Jim-Let Fox-Trot (gin, lime cordial, premium tonic) was delicious – refreshing and well balanced. Our cocktail master for the night, Diego Cruz, enabled us to make some Dry Martinis, which was my first and my last of the sort, either because I suck at it or simply because I prefer lighter cocktails, sweet, fizzy and pink if possible. The cocktail food was not just something thrown together to soak up some of the alcohol, but were genuinely well paired with the food and tasted great. The meat in the sliders was moist, the buns themselves a bit crispy on the outside but not dry.

Grade: Sainthood

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