The Gun

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Looking back at the traditions of especially posh Britain, hunting used to be something that was quite important – even if it has now decreased quite considerably. The London food scene has certainly started flirting with the likes of offal (internal organs and entrails) and game, but then again what does it not flirt with? It’s quite nice to then find a restaurant that really does celebrate that sort of cuisine and it fits in well with the atmosphere.

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Cuisine: British

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The Gun is quintessentially British; grand paintings of ships and artillery adorn the walls, some being covered in logs, which give the restaurant a rustic feeling that fits perfectly with that “Downtown Abbey” sort of vibe that it tries to evoke. With offal and game on the menu, as well as ingredients such as artichokes abounding, The Gun speaks well to represent elegant, high-end gastropubs.

While the restaurant did not seem to have a signature dish, the devilled duck livers and hearts on toast were quite nice if offal is something you can stomach (I must admit that it isn’t to everyone taste). As the ambiance clearly suggests, game (which stands for animals which were hunted) is also on the menu, and I went with the Yorkshire wood pigeon. The problem with game is that often the meat can be easily mismanaged and not be very tender – as was the case with the pigeon. It’s great to find game on the menu but needed a tiny bit more attention to it.

On the other hand the summer truffle tortellini was an excellent vegetarian choice that had not just flavour but a smell to die for.

Grade: Sainthood

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