UBEReats (and Mendoza Square)

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In a world of disruptive technologies such as Airbnb, UBER and now even UBEReats it’s such a great time to be a consumer. Not such a great time for your wallet, mind you, but hey let the shopping spree begin.

It was also time to try out a little bit of latino (food… stop thinking about other things) with Mendoza Square.

Location: (Home, but the restaurant I ordered from is…) Mendoza Square, Clapham, LondonMendoza Square Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Category: Latin American

Camera: Nikon D40 – 50mm lens

First, UBEReats – which I believe is exactly like Deliveroo which I have never tried. It was quite exciting how there’s all these different little stages that end up getting a tick, like your order being accepted, it being prepared, and once it starts getting delivered you can literally stalk the delivery (wo)man. Admittedly I was also a combination of lazy and hungry so maybe the excitement was purely thinking I don’t have to lift a finger and food will appear.

The time always seems to not end up being what is set initially, but it tries its best to keep updating with a new ETA.

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Now, moving away from the shameless self-promotion. Mendoza Square. I really wanted a taco (don’t we all?) so I went with this little joint. I did like how it came over “deconstructed” – I think it’s the only way it could have kept the shell hard. Once you take everything out of the packages, you get to assemble them and voila! Was it an amazing taco? No. But the guacamole was quite nice, the chicken was fried well and had a lovely charcoal flavour (I love me some real BBQ).

Grade: Sainthood

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