The Eagle

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“Beer gardens” are quite the popular thing back home, but not something central London offers incredibly much (which is completely understandable) – even if in the form of a terrace more than actual plants living and growing there. It was quite exciting to then have a BBQ party in Old Street that promised some outdoorsy space with the pub.

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The Eagle is your average local pub, all things regarded, with beer on tap, some nice Koppaberger in the fridge, a few gin bottles on the racks, really, nothing more than that. It’s however a great place to have a BBQ party, or to hang out with some mates, especially if the weather permits to be outside. The burger was quite decent, came with a corn on the cob, well done, smokey (it was done outside on a grill – which really does add to the taste of it). It felt like being back home and going into nature to have a nice picnic with the fam.

Grade: Sainthood 

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