Pizza Pilgrims

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One would hazard to think that with a name of Pizza Pilgrims, it would indicate a place for whom aficionados of the dish would travel extensive journeys to come here and eat. But in all honesty if feels more like one of those places near Lourdes where people, more forced by a lack of options than by actual choice, go to eat at.

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Type: Pizza

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Looking at other reviews from bloggers online, I seem to be going against the stream in saying that I found Pizza Pilgrims to be an average experience. The number of options were limited and uninspired, you can only order a full pizza (which, in all honesty, I don’t mind as much – I don’t think this business model is bad, just doesn’t entirely cater for lonely foodies), and the pizza itself was bland. And i was darn hungry too!

As I entered Pizza Pilgrims, on an otherwise warm, hot day (London has entered autumn time – which amusingly finally means good weather), I could feel the blast of the ovens hit me full front. It wasn’t a particularly cool place to stop for lunch, but we intended to go and eat in the “park” nearby.

The pizza itself was decent. The sauce was somewhat too watery (which led to it kinda splashing around as I was trying to pull a piece free), and there was nothing remotely moreish about it. A margarita pizza with some slices of salami on it maybe sounds appetizing, but it wasn’t all that much.

Grade: Purgatory

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