Avocado Burger with Sweet Potato Fries

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The burger, a staple American food, has been lately salvaged from what the fast food industry has done to its image. The sheer versatility that the recipe offers, and the ease of which it is made with should definitely put it on the list of any fitness conscious person that perhaps doesn't have a lot of time on their hands. Fine - I really like burgers and I will say anything for them.

There is a craze lately which I gladly welcome - getting good quality products. This can mostly be seen in the veggies department, where people now understand not just that organic food tends to be a bit more nutritional, but that it genuinely tastes better. While I see some of that apply to meat, I think people are far too casual about not buying good quality meet. Organic Sainsbury still wouldn't make the cut - a butcher's shop tends to be better at providing not just advice but also better quality.

I had been intending on finding a butcher for centuries, and luckily this post is sponsored by Tom Hixson who have sent me some lovely cuts to cook with. Beef burger with marrow butter for some delicious avocado burgers with sweet potato fries. Don't like avocado? No problem. Replace it with just some pickles or anything that you want. Here is a step-by-step recipe with some added health commentary to go with.

Ingredients (for one burger)

2x Burger bun
1/2 Avocado
Red onions
Chilli paste

+ sweet potatoes for the fries

1. First up are the sweet potato fries. Chop them up (or be lazy and just buy them from the freezer area of a supermarket) and get the oven ready for them. If you prefer them harder and crispier (as opposite to having a somewhat soft middle), then cut them thinner.

Are sweet potatoes healthier? Well despite the hatred toward potatoes in the last few carb-hating years, it doesn't look as if one is healthier than the other. In fact, botanically, potatoes and sweet potatoes are completely unrelated. Sweet potatoes do tend to be somewhat lower in calories as well as carbohydrates. Sweet potatoes are, on the other side, higher in sugars.

But guess what, they're both healthy and sweet potatoes have a lot of Vitamin A so yay!

2. Now let's turn our attention to the burgers.

The buns - which in all honesty I never plan to make at home as that would just take a lot of time - need to be a tiny bit prepared to be ready for taking the meat. I normally spread a thin paste of chilli on them, but if you don't like it spicy, a tomato base is just as fine. You don't really need to do this part, but it adds a good flavour to it.

If you're in the mood, also feel free to fry the buns first - this will add a nice crunchiness to the texture and make them warm.

3. Heat high, meat patty in. The inside will generally remain somewhat raw even as the exterior starts to cook, but you really want to keep at it. Cook the burgers for about 4 minutes per side.

Steak is great rare, so why not burgers? In short, because burgers are made with mince meat which means there are still plenty of bacteria inside the raw part which have come from being in contact with the meat grinder. In the steak, the bacteria tends to be only on the outside of the stake which gets fried anyway.

4. The best way to chop up an avocado is to first cut along the middle (on the longer side) until the knife reaches the seed. Cut all the way around, then twist the two pieces and one should come off easily. Take a spoon, slot it between the peel and the inside, and then it should easily let you peel off the inside in more or less one go.

Chop up the avocado in either slices or tiny cubes.

5. Put the burger meat in the buns, sprinkle some condiments on them, put the chopped up onions and avocado and top up with some nice lettuce do add a nice crunch. Feel free to add mayo or mustard or things like that - I don't because I like to eat a bit more clean but really no judgement here. Enjoy life.

5.a. Worried about your carb intake? Firstly make sure your obsession with no carbs is legitimate, and, if it is, have a no bread burger. Just put the meat in a lettuce leaf, put on all the good stuff you want, and cover with another lettuce leaf. Seriously - it works. This way, you can have the filling as well and you don't get dirty holding the meat.

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