Byron (Canary Wharf)

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The Wharf really is modelled for industrial type efficiency – restaurants are not just built to enable a strange sort of fitting as many people in while also giving the superficial appearance that there is space, as most places become conveyor belts during lunch time. Byron is just that – a conveyor belt.

Location: Byron, Canary Wharf, London Byron Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Type: Burger

Camera: iPhone 6

Byron is very akin to Philip Hammond as Chancellor, “not particularly inspiring, but a safe choice,” (as a professor for Queen Mary put it). The interior, envisioned as a somewhat more modern American diner, is split between two levels and is somewhat agreeable considering that Byron is a chain of 37 different locations. Yes, I hate chains and in all honesty they tend to be stereotypically average.

Which was the case here – the burger is fine, yet again it is a dish that is very easy to create at an average level. There was nothing remotely inspirational, the bun was somewhat dry, the meat wasn’t juicy and flavoured. A safe choice for lunch (I mean, depending what one means by safe), but a boring one.

Grade: Purgatory

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