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In our increasingly interconnected and multi-cultural society, it shouldn’t be a surprise to see a restaurant that promotes itself with “modern dim-sum and patisserie”. The purist inside me looked at the restaurant, initially, with a mix of revulsion and fascination. The place is certainly cute, but I was unsure what I think about such a mix.

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Type: Desserts

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In truth I can’t opinion on the mix itself – I only went in for the desserts. Which, in truth, are quite pretty – the visual aspect being what French patisserie does truly excel at. It’s important to get the “looks” right, and there is a certain kind of intricacy that requires a high level of skill to pull that through. I myself must admit am very lacking on the decorative part of cooking, so have a lot of respect for chefs and cooks that are apt in it.

The macaroons were tasty, however I don’t find them on par with the better macarooners of London (On Cafe did advertise it had #6 best macaroons in London according to Time Out) – particularly because the macaroons did not seem fresh. Keeping them in the fridge only “ruins” them – a fresh macaroon is supposed to be incredibly delicate when fresh, crumbling at the sheer touch of it, like a Mimosa Pudica. Cold makes them harden and lose that.

The strawberry tart on the other hand was excellent; the batter was crumbly yet sturdy enough to hold the tart, the strawberries were fresh and the cream inside the tart was deliciously light and played excellently well with the fruit.

Grade: Sainthood

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