Yumchaa (Camden)

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The Japanese generally believe that there is one way of doing anything – and their culture is quite keen on keeping that way, whilst also ritualistically perfecting it. There is wisdom in that – there is a reason why things are done, for example brewing tea, that nobody in this city seems to care about.

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Type: Cafe

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Yumchaa sits above the crowds (speaking purely about space right now), which in Camden on a Sunday are many and terribly irritating, the way they suck the oxygen out of the air.

The tea was disappointing – for example, you don’t leave the tea leaves inside the actual tea pot because that means I have no way of stopping the brewing process. When brewed for too long or (too hot for some teas), much more tannins are released into the brew along and hence the resulting tea is much more bitter, a process which for Earl Grey could start after 5 minutes.

It was also tasteless and odorless – which could mean that the tea was either old or of poor quality (the bergamot in the Earl Grey should give it a bit of a kick). The carrot cake was decent, but not moist enough (needs more oil inside the batter).

Grade: Purgatory

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