La Petite Bretagne (Clapham)

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Crepes have always been for me something that my mother makes for the Sunday family lunch if she can’t be bothered to make anything more complex, or something that you perhaps buy on the street from one of the food vendors. I don’t think I will be able to understand how an entire restaurant seems to be centered around it, and it truth La Petite Bretagne proved me right.

Location: La Petite Bretagne, Clapham, LondonLa Petite Bretagne Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Cuisine: French (but what I really mean is crepes)

Camera: Nikkon D80, Nikkor 50mm lens

La Petite Bretagne is positioned incredibly well, just off the busy highstreet but still on a main road so that your eye just wonders to a wonderful menu full of crepes and is instantly captivated. The space, in part, is built intelligently as one of the walls actually slides away and in the (warm) summer days it basically becomes an open space.

I only say in part intelligent because inside the vibe is one of emptiness, of desolation, of lots of cupboard that were built but which are empty. Space isn’t filled very well and in the same time, instead of giving you a sense of freedom it just makes everything seem incredibly lonely. The fact that there is ¬†such an incredibly high number of staff for what seems to be mostly taking crepes from point A to point B, together with the overall sluggishness of everyone, makes you feel as if the place really embraced the french laissez-faire creed.

The website tries to make them looks as an alternative to the more boring lunch options (sandwiches, sushi), but the moment crepes are seen as “alternative” anything is the day I will eat a slug. Onto the food: average crepes (which in and by itself is a recipe that can be done by adding all the ingredients in a plastic bottle and shaking it), which dried up really fast – we didn’t even get to finish them. Nice at the beginning, but by the time we were having the last bites we felt a bit nauseous.

Grade: Inferno

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