London Grind

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The setting seemed perfect for a good time out: the name is snazzy (tho way too reminiscent of Grindr tho), the place is nicely decorated inside, it’s a cafe open late, menu was appetizing. It’s like one of those dates that look perfect on paper (and their profile too), then you meet up and you realize that it looks nothing like that person. London Grind is one big disappointment. Queue mean comments.

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Cuisine: Cafe

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The tea was, in eternal London fashion, just badly brewed (or not brewed?) and tasting of hot tap water.

Being hungry we went with the sweet potato chips, which were soggy and tasted, oddly, like pumpkin. And not in the nice “oh, what a surprise, it tastes just like pumpkin!” kind of way. The aioli was green – which was a first for me, and tasted nothing like garlic. Which should be made with garlic, not the subtlest of taste.

There was no more tiramisu, but the waitress highly recommended the matcha cookie. It’s excellent, she said. What she meant by cookie, was a green looking fudge (and I only say fudge because it’s slightly more politically correct than saying green shit), sweet enough to give anyone diabetes, stuck to the bowl (hardly cookie shaped) and so hot that I had to patiently wait for the ice-cream to melt, and then some, before I could it eat. I assume it had been intensely microwaved, as the bowl much cooler and the cookie looked as if it had melted in there.

Also, matcha is supposed to have a somewhat bitter taste, but never-mind that…

Grade: Inferno

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