The Poetry Cafe

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In Discworld, it would often be explained how a large collection of magical books would distort the time and space around it. I think that’s applicable to our own world and books in general, or, at least, of cafes that center themselves around literature. There’s just a completely different vibe, call it quaintness, call it elitism, but it’s there and it’s great.

Location: The Poetry Cafe, Covent Garden, LondonThe Poetry Place Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Cuisine: Cafe

Camera: iPhone 6

There seem to be quite a few events happening here (haven’t been to anything so can’t comment on how good they are), so do look them up if Poetry or anything related seems to be your jam.

The Poetry Cafe has a lovely space indeed – spaceous (for it’s size that is), adorned with books and random pieces of art hanging from the walls. Right at the counter, the tea sits in these wonderful jars that really make the place feel homey. Unfortunately, the visual aspect of the tea far surpasses its taste, which is lackluster at best. Typical London issue of not knowing how to brew.

We went for the “Guinness Chocolate Cake”, which, in all honesty, does not sound like something I would like to put in my mouth (and I tend to put many things in my mouth). On the bright side, there wasn’t a hint of Guiness and the cake was actually rather pleasant. Moist, the chocolate wasn’t overpowering. Yet, then surely it’s a failure since it doesn’t do what it says on the label, right?

Grade: Purgatory

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