The Piadina Project

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The number of people per square meter ratio is usually a good indicative of whether a place is good or not – especially true in Asia – or, in today’s world, of whether something is popular (I’m looking at you Bone Daddies). In truth, I am often dismayed by loud, noisy environments, full of people and invasion of private space. That’s how we ended up in The Piadina Project.

Location: The Piadina Project, Shoreditch, London

Cuisine: Italian The Piadina Project Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Camera: iPhone 6

The place was dead empty – but everything indicated as if the place had been newly opened, and, really, we just wanted somewhere you could have a decent chat (hard thing to find in Shoreditch at a certain hour). The Piadina Project only offers “natural” drinks so unfortunately no Coca-Cola for myself.

A piadina is a thin Italian flatbread filled with various edible bits, and the stracchino, prosciutto crudo & rocket will set you back £6.5 while leaving you with the same empty stomach as before. This must be what dieting for weight-loss feels like. There was nothing beyond average to the piadina that we had, essentially what would happen if I went to Tescos, bought all those ingredients and put them in my toaster.

The space is interesting (and they have these semi-comfy couches), but the food feels a bit of a ripoff given the price as well.

Grade: Purgatory


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