Loves Company

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As the “Bare Necessities” played effortless in the background, we sat at the high chairs, the dying light of day slowly giving way to a soft darkness that enveloped the streets. Loves Company has a very Hollywood-esque appearance to me (then again I’ve never been to Hollywood so what do I know?), and any bar that has a poster of Akira deserves at least some sort of recognition.

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Cuisine: Bar

Camera: Nikkon D60, Nikkor 50mm lensSquare Meal

Disclaimer: I was invited to review …Loves Company. Queue usual blah about how all the opinions are my own (as if anyone would ever admit otherwise).

The cocktail that we tried was the CrowningGlory cocktail (50ml Crown Royal, 20ml Lemon Juice, 25ml Blood Orange, Maple Syrup, 20ml Egg White. Wet shake/ Dry shake, strain in rocks glass over Ice, quiff of orange rind as garnish). What I mostly enjoyed about it was that while you could clearly deduce it was a whisky based cocktail, that harsh alcoholic taste wasn’t there. Which is how cocktails should be – feel the base but don’t let it overpower (which is hard when using spirits). Sweet and sour, just like me, and accompanied by some Canadian cheese and maple glazed bacon toastie, it was a perfect match for upcoming summer.

There wasn’t anything innovative about the toastie, but put bacon in front of me and you could have my sister in marriage. It’s also great when bars offer some sort of finger food that goes beyond a packet of crisps and some nuts. Something else that I appreciated (especially by having gone to a different bar yesterday) was that while there was music in the background, it played softly instead of a deafening boom that makes any sort of remotely intelligent conversation possible.

Grade: Sainthood

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