Peyton and Byrne

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Greenwich is completely underrated – I mean there’s a reason why of all places in London, Thor decided to wreck Greenwich University Campus. The area is stunning, especially in the summer, and more Londoners should loiter around. Peyton and Byrne is a great pit-stop.

Location: Peyton and Byrne, Greenwich, London
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Cuisine: Cafe

Camera: Nikkon D60, Nikkor 50mm lens

The moment I inhaled the sweet, fragrant smell of proper tea, I took a sip and marked Peyton and Byrne as a true soldier in the fight against mediocrity. Finally, just finally, a cafe that serves good tea.

The cheese sandwich was nice, tho nothing really amazing. On the other hand the Plum and Orange cake was great – the polenta (corn flour) based batter  gave it a lovely, crumbly texture, infused with orange and having some delicious cooked plum buried deep inside.

Grade: Sainthood


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