Eat Tokyo (Soho)

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Japan has been a dominant force within gastronomy – with countless restaurants serving up delicious treats around the world. Eat Tokyo, a chain in London, seems to fall a bit short of the general Japanese standards.

LocationEat Tokyo, Soho, London

Cuisine: JapaneseEat Tokyo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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The place – quite big, actually – was bustling, a short queue just outside the door. The wooden, rustic interior almost tries to emulate something traditionally Japanese; too bad rustic interiors are more of a Western thing. As per usual for any Asian restaurant, don’t expect anything like “personal space” to be a thing.

As my sushi came to the table, a strong smell of fish followed it around like a miasma. Which is exactly the problem – fresh fish shouldn’t smell, and if it ain’t fresh well honey I ain’t putting it in my mouth. I mean I did – off course I ate it. It hasn’t gone bad. But sushi is meant to be “cooked” with the freshest ingredients. Not something old or defrosted. The age tofu was bland, tho I did quite enjoy the small little mushrooms on it.

Grade: Purgatory


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