Caffe Vergnano 1882 (Covent Garden)

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Whenever I describe Tokyo to others, as the great metropolis that it is, one of the key phrases is either “a city that never sleeps” or “you can literally find anything there”. This doesn’t seem to work in London, where the only cafe you can find open after 6 PM are chains – really does no one meet after work to have a quiet chat?

Location: Caffe Vergnano 1882, Covent Garden, London

Category: Cafe

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In honesty, it is quite shocking – the only places one could meet up a friend in London would be a restaurant or a bar, not the most conducive place for a relaxed conversation. Chains seem the only places to remain open beyond 6 PM. The problem with chains, you see, is that instead of coffee or tea they serve swill.

The smell of Anca’s coffee reminded me of this dive-bar in Belgrade where the only thing that made the taste remotely bearable was the fact that I had ordered an Irish coffee and the alcohol was slowly numbing my tongue.  My mint tea, a random tea bag in a pot of hot water, was accompanied by the signature chocolate of Caffe Vergnano 1882, which made no sense as why on earth would you give chocolate with mint tea?

The place is small, has no toilets, but the view is relatively nice and there aren’t many options for cafes at this time.

Grade: Purgatory

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