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“Instead, there is gaiety and gladness, Killing of cattle and slaughtering of sheep, Eating of meat and drinking of wine” (Isaiah 22:12-13). MEATmission, the burger joint now occupying what used to be a Christian church, certainly offered plenty of gaiety and even more meat, in all forms and shapes. Yet, among the insane number of burger places that are now gracing London’s territory, how well does it actually rank?

Location: MEATmission, Hoxton, London

Category: Burger

Camera: iPhone 6

As you enter the inner sanctum of MEATmission, you cannot but praise the decision not to make it look like a McDonalds 2.0 (I’m looking at you, Five Guys). The stained glass at the back sets the perfect tone for what is the holy ceremony of stuffing ones face with burgers. The space is interesting – certainly one of the nicest ones for any such establishment (of burgers), and if you’re feeling need for some guidance there are praises to Jesus engraved on stones on the wall.

If you’re up for it, they have a Chili Challenge and your name can even get on a leaderboard!

The blood of Christ – or at least something similar in the form of cider – was abundant; then came three delicious burgers (the options are quite interesting and diverse, myself going for the Dead Hippie for the name alone), with thin, crispy french fries and some of best onion rings that I have had. The Dead Hippie was a nice burger, the bun soft in the middle but crisp on the outside holding together a nice piece of meat that you would just want to dig deep into. I am aware of the innuendos present in my description.

Grade: Sainthood
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