Pasta Remoli

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All roads lead to Rome, the saying goes, and in truth that wouldn’t be such a bad idea. The city – beautiful enough to feature in an Assassin’s Creed game – abounds of character, pickpockets and amazing food at every corner. Yet Italian food has been on a qualitative decline in London in my past few sojourns; that’s why it was quite nice to be able to try out Pasta Remoli which managed to pull the cuisine from sinking further into the abyss.

Location: Pasta Remoli, Finsbury Park, London

Category: Italian

Camera: Nikon D80, Nikkor 50mm lens

I was graciously invited to review this restaurant by Forever PR, but as you know, if I wouldn’t like something I would still complain. Also as always, I had a (otherwise wonderful) glass of house red so my tastebuds might have been the tiniest bit impaired (remember tho, I am Eastern European).

Building on its successful outpost in Westfield, Pasta Remoli considered becoming more of a sit-down sort of restaurant and opened its branch in Finsbury Park. The space is homey, with wooden tables and pretty lights to distract me –  a description worthy of a Man Booker Prize, I know. The menu is very unique in the idea that besides being able to order sit in an take-away, you can also order the pasta to cook at home at a much discounted price. As I have been told, everything is cooked in the restaurant and this means you can order some nice pasta as well.


The service was lovely and faster than you can say Rumpelstiltskin there was bread and the Seppie e piselli (cuttlefish with peas) as our appetizer on the table. I always think a restaurant can be largely judged by the quality of the bread – and Pasta Remoli served us fresh, soft dough to fill our little tummies with. The cuttlefish was delicious, tender and the sew-like sauce left at the bottom of the dish was quickly gobbled up by my co-foodie.

For the pasta, there are three steps: pick a pasta (either plain or filled), pick a sauce and pick cheese to put on top, if any. This gives you quite a lot of freedom in terms of selecting exactly what you like to eat. Too often I see restaurants having dishes that I partially want to mix and match with others. The staff is also there to advise. I went with the truffle and mushroom ravioli, butter and sage white sauce and parmigiano cheese on top, which, for example, would have probably not worked with a sauce that had chicken and was generally heavier as the pasta itself had a very high caloric intake. Russell decided to go all expensive and took the linguine and seafood sauce, which came in a stunning presentation as seafood generally does. Little shrimpies everywhere, staring at you with their blank dead eyes. Tasty.

The tiramisu reminded me much of my mothers cooking – in a good way. And I think that is Pasta Remoli’s unique selling point: everything tastes and feels homemade. From the broth of the cuttlefish, to the bread, the pasta, and the dessert. Food that makes me think they have an old, little Italian grandma chained in the basement that is constantly churning out this wonderful grub. Definitely worth a stop if you are in the area.

Grade: Sainthood
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