The Book Club

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As I was led to the Book Club, akin to Alice being led across Wonderland by the March Hare, there was the hope of something exciting. I didn’t know where I was going from here but it was promising not to be boring, a crazy map of various possible wonders awaiting me at the entrance (ping pong, alcohol, clubbing).

Location: The Book Club, Shoreditch, London

Category: Bar

Camera: iPhone 6

The place felt very Melbourne – Collingwood to be more specific, with countless hipsters sitting at tables with other hipsters, each face focused on their little Macbooks (with a lonely Dell amongst the crowd), complete silence around them as if they feared the air would crumble under the weight of words. Or maybe they just stopped being cool. This isn’t to say the space isn’t nice; spacious, with tiny fairy lights everywhere, buzzing even despite the occasional pockets of silence.

Perhaps what it felt more was a college campus – especially once someone started playing ping pong rather badly so there were just balls everywhere.

There was some Rekorderlig on the table, the nuts disappointingly not available, but replaced by some Fat Chips to stave of the hunger before dinner – a good snack for some drinks.

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