Chinatown Bakery

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Timeless is a word that I would certainly associate to London’s Chinatown; as well as cheap and occasionally stinky, overcrowded during some parts of the day and stupidly overcrowded during others. Yet it is a place towards which (or around which if you are trying to avoid it) people gravitate. Especially when it comes to snacks, such as buns or taiyaki, it is a place that comes to mind when someone say they want a quick bite.

Location: Chinatown Bakery, Chinatown, London

Category: Chinese, Bakery

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Now first and foremost, taiyaki is not in essence Chinese, it’s Japanese. However this is a Chinese bakery otherwise even tho, in all honesty, I only ever come for the custard filled fish form cakes (wanted to say fish cakes but that has a completely different meaning and doubt I’d like to eat them with custard). For 2£ you get a tiny bag of 4 mini-taiyaki (the normal ones are actually quite large, the size of my hand or such, but they’re not available here) and they’re done (as they should) in this tiny press machine which is a blast to just look at.

I might be biased due to my affection of all things Japanese, but whenever I’m around I get some of these babies to munch on.

Grade: Sainthood
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