Le Pain Quotidien (Waterloo)

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I am certain that, somewhere deep within the coding of WordPress, there is a limit to how many times I can complain about Waterloo being the breeding ground of restaurant chain outlets. For once, however, Le Pain Quotidien breaks through the stereotypical chain mediocrity that plagues much else.

Location: Le Pain Quotidien, Waterloo, London

Category: French

Camera: iPhone 6

I was genuinely surprised by the outcome – and the space is cutely designed to seem like some sort of library. To some extent, and here is where the weird connections in my brain do their magic, the vibe felt very Harry Potter-ish. Mind you, I would rather never be taken to a date in a restaurant chain, but Le Pain Quotidien has always been good refuge from other stuff.

The baked eggs came in the cutest little individual pans (all day breakfast FTW), full of flavour, bits of chorizo inside to add the tiniest bit of spicy to the dish. Baked eggs are a wonder of the living world, and too few places in London offer them. My co-foodie seemed to rather enjoy the soup of the day, so congrats on Le Pain Quotidien of making two hungry souls happy. The pain au chocolat was a bit of a miss, thought – but that might be simply because it was later in the day and maybe all the baking happens earlier.

Grade: Sainthood
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  1. Agree on the chains, but there also are a lot of independent coffee shops (see lower marsh) and a few very good restaurants in the vicinity. I have lived in the area since 2004 and long gone are the days when the only option on a sunday evening was Pizza Express!

    • Oh I love Lower Marsh street – it’s great! I think I was more bemoaning how Southbank itself is a bit too chainy. It’s quite a shame as the location otherwise is great but I assume that just makes rent quite high and hence rather inaccessible for smaller independent restaurants / cafes.

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