Dirty Bones (Kensington)

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For anyone that knows me, I am not the biggest fan of the US – from its mass shooting to the wonder that is Donald Trump, the land of the free has much to answer to. It’s not all bad tho – despite all its short-givings, it has also given me Netflix and has played an important role in the expansion of the most glorious cuisine of them all: breakfast food. So it was only appropriate that I try the Dirty Bones brunch menu.

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Today’s post has been graciously provided by the help of Sauce Communications who had invited me to a blogger lunch. Further disclosure in regards to me consuming alcohol (as you know, it numbs the tasting buds and I always feel the need to put it out there for the readers to know I have been somewhat impaired. Not because I was inebriated – I’m Romanian, I don’t get drunk).

As I arrived there, somewhat fashionably late as usual, the place seemed closed; past the half-closed roller shutter door, down the dark stairs and arcade like interior, I felt like I was about to enter Tron. I do admit often having such a fantasy which might have fueled this, but my point is that Dirty Bones gives a very American vibe in a good way.

The event started with a short demo of how to make a “Dirty Mary” – which the bar staff dubbed “the perfect cure for a hangover”. Translated in Romanian, that would mean “us westerners cannot handle alcohol so the following day we are in great pain and our weakness demands beverages which help us out”. On a serious note, the bar staff did seem quite knowledgeable, being able to explain their decisions for this particular version of a Bloody Mary which I must admit was quite refreshing.

We started with a few toasties (Green Cheese Toastie for the vegetarian option and the Slow ‘N Low Toastie) which were quite nice, crunchy on the outside, soft from the melted cheese inside. The beef rib was delicious, and the pickle played a nice role in countering any fatness of the dish (which is why I was explaining in the Proper Pork Pita sandwich recipe to use pickles in combination with fatty meat).

The Benedict Burger was a bit burnt – but otherwise a great source of protein with both the meat and the poached egg. A real calorie packer right there. The waffles were good enough to please Leslie Knope I would believe. Bonus points for getting that reference.

Conscious of this post getting too long (I like to keep it short and snappy despite my big mouth) – the desserts were quite playful. A version of a bowl of cereal but with panna cota milk and some waffles with bananas and ice cream. Nice staff, credibly competent barkeep, breakfast, what else could you really want from a weekend? Oh, maybe the 15£ bottomless Prosecco.

Grade: Sainthood



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