Scooter Caffe

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Lower Marsh Street really is cafe heaven – they jump at you from every corner and crevice of the street! It’s also quite nice that Scooter Caffe stays open until quite late compared to most cafes (true, it also acts as a bar so that could very well explain it). The rain, slowly trickling from the dark winter (is it officially winter?) night, made it an easy choice to run for shelter inside.

Location: Scooter Cafe, Waterloo, London

Category: Cafe

Camera: Nikon D80, Nikkor 50mm lens

Cozy, and busy, meant we had to jump the moment a table got up to leave (not so much the table as the people sitting at it) – a bit like musical chairs but with silence. Scooter Caffe also gives you that thicker hot chocolate, a bit more like  a pudding, which is absolutely great. None of that “let me put some cocoa in some hot water and charge you 5£” nonsense.

There is a particular annoyance that dark places give me as all I can do is get blurry pictures all the time. Sure, it adds to a certain kind of intimacy, and it was definitely getting quite heated inside to the point of me having to take clothes off. No worries, I remained decent at all times.


Grade: Sainthood
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