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An empty restaurant has never been a good sign in my book, especially in a busy area like King’s Cross, but Karpo turned out to be a pleasant experience. The mood was set nicely by the low lights (even if that really completely messed up my pictures as they’re all blurry – I refuse to use flash).

Location: Karpo, King’s Cross, London

Category: British/Italian

Camera: Nikon D80, Nikkor 50mm lens

I do quite enjoy restaurants that let you see (part of) the kitchen – it add a certain liveliness and excitement to it. The place has an elegant ambiance, and its proximity to the train station makes it a great spot to meet up with friends who are just travelling through and don’t want to overdo the tube.

The chicken was done in a josper (which is the lovechild of a grill and an oven), and it was quite delicious – the charcoal gives it a distinct taste that I quite enjoy, reminiscent of outdoor barbecues. And rain. It somehow always rains when I do BBQ’s outside. The dessert was an interesting take on the apple crumble – more of a pudding than a crumble. Tasty, but really looses out on what the dish is supposed to be. I mean really, it’s called a “crumble” for a reason.

Grade: Sainthood
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