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With the joyous season of Christmas comes not just pre-mature advertising and Christmas carols booming everywhere (back in Romania it used to be said that if you sing carols outside of Christmas season your get a pimple on your bum), but Christmas quizzes and a cold harsh wind.

Location: Cape, Wapping, London

Category: British

Camera: iPhone 6

The only good thing about Cape is perhaps it’s size – but maybe that just accentuates the sticky floors and dirty tables. The food is beyond average – the chili con carne couldn’t have fed a family of mice let alone a boy on a bulking journey. Not only did it have little spiciness to it, but it also had very little taste.

There’s also quite a draft inside which isn’t very pleasant unless you are a yeti and any semblance of warmth ruins your hair.

Grade: Purgatory
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