Pizza Union

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For some reason or other, pizza has become one of those foods that once mentioned seems to get everyone in a trance. Who doesn’t crave pizza every now and then? It’s fascinating whether this is simply because of the wide availability of it (I mean, you can’t really crave something you haven’t tried, no?) or whether there is something special about it, like being laced with crystal meth. Joking. That would be insane. I think.

Location: Pizza Union, King’s Cross, London

Cuisine: Italian (Pizza)

Camera: iPhone 6

The strangest thing about Pizza Union is that in no way does it evoke anything remotely Italian (if we ignore the staff that works there and the origin of the food) – if anything, it feels deeply American for some reason. Which perhaps should be fitting seeing as not only how global pizza has become, but also how ingrained within American culture it is.

I particularly enjoyed the Calabria, tho Anca seemed to prefer the Tropicali (which back home we call Hawaiian because of the pineapple). The nice thing about the pizza here, besides the price – I mean 6£ for a 12″ pizza is a great deal if you ask me, is that the pizza has a thin dough, and this makes it lighter than the more carb-heavy counterpart. And a better ratio with your (protein) ingredients.

The space is nice and airy, even if a bit drafty, with a very low key vibe. Good slice of pizza to share with a bunch of rowdy friends (or just one extremely loud one).

Grade: Sainthood
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