Ranoush Juice

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One of the main memories of my trip to Morocco – if I ignore me being engulfed in luxury whilst staying in Fez – was being in the main market of Marrakech, surrounded by dozens of orange juice stalls, all of them yelling at me to go try out theirs. Insanity, it was, yet that sort of feeling had persisted on with every Middle Eastern country I visit. In parts, for some reason, it reminded me of my childhood, before Romania got more “modern” and when you’d have these simple sort of pleasures.

Location: Ranoush Juice, Marble Arch, London

Cuisine: Lebanese

Camera: iPhone 6

More of a kebab shop than what I would classify as a Lebanese restaurant, Ranoush Juice is a fast-food joint which brings back memories of not just Morocco, but my trip to Egypt this summer too. Many Middle Eastern customers, entire families even, freshly pressed orange juice (which you can combine with carrots juice if you are masochistic like my co-foodie), and a nice helping of shawarma. Not much to say, and not much to expect, but does what it’s meant to.

Grade: Sainthood
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