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Coffee/tea-shops have always been a place where one can retreat, regain their strength and go back into the world (or work). The eternal search to find an adequate such safe haven in Canary Wharf seems to be just that – eternal. There is a variety of options but they all fall a bit short.

Location: Notes, Canary Wharf, London

Cuisine: Cafe

Camera: iPhone 6


There is little disappointment now when I order tea and receive flavoured water (in the idea that I am drinking boiled water basically), because, in essence, I have gotten used to the abuse of tea within London. Surely enough, the place brands itself for coffee and wine, but that doesn’t mean you need to overlook something that in essence takes little effort to turn out decent.

As a recent article in the FT noticed, however, “eating out in the Wharf has made tremendous strides in the past few years . . . when you have a captive market, [restaurants] don’t have to try that hard.”

We tried one of the vegetarian platters which sounded excellent, but turned out to be deceptively small and with very little bread – considering we were give three huge lumps of humus which had to be eaten by themselves. Unfortunately enough, it wasn’t that good of humus that I could just do that (a bit of carrots or bread would really not hurt).

Grade: Purgatory
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