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Surrounded by the clinks of gold coins falling into the coffers of banks (let me fantasize about there being gold coins and a big pile of them somewhere), one would expect Canary Wharf to be abundant with restaurants that offer high quality service and high quality food. Yet the more I attempt to map out the offerings of what was once marshland, I become less and less hopeful.

Location: Plateau, Canary Wharf, London

Cuisine:¬†Bar (technically not a cuisine but for the sake of consistency…)

Head chef: Daniel McGarey

Camera: iPhone 6

To make it clear from the beginning, this is a review of the bar with the addition of snacks being ordered – to what extent the kitchen is detached from the happenings of the bar area I do not know. There is a restaurant as well which is rights next to the boozery.

My first shocker, in all honesty, was the fact that the staff didn’t know what Elderflower or Spritz meant – which initially made it difficult to be helped into being guided as to whether any such cocktails existed. Later on, when I attempted to ask if they had either Rekorderlig or Koppaberg cider, the waiter look at me with his big doe eyes, asked me to repeat what I said about 3 times, then replied “I just don’t understand what you’re saying”. A second waiter also did not know these two brands, and then a third waiter said they didn’t have it but when asked about cider he did eventually bring me a dry apple one. Rekorderlig.

The cocktails were decent and the place does have a trendy vibe to it (in some regards similar to The Pearson Room as it is just above it). The Mini Cheeseburger Sliders (this is the second restaurant in Canary Wharf with these things) were much better than what the Sports Bar & Grill had to offer, but not incredibly much more so. The buns were at times dry and hard, but the meat was quite well cooked and full of flavour.

Grade: Purgatory
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