Chilli Peanut Butter Chicken

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The chilli peanut butter chicken works best with rice and it's a good recipe for bulking up as well: peanut butter is high in natural fats and calories. It's also incredibly easy to make, and, if you are put off by some more exotic ingredients on the list (which might not be easy to find outside the UK), feel free to simplify it.

As a proud Romanian, the simple offering of free alcohol is generally sufficient to lure me into any one event; also offer me ingredients, cooking utensils and free chilli sauces and I might as well throw a party for it! A parade even, complete with an orchestra and all that.

Overall, I had a blast at the Heinz Chilli Sauce Off event, lots of great people and a nice opportunity for me to start populating the recipe section of my website. I had a real debate whether to go with a wanky recipe (pommes parisienne, scallops) or with a recipe that I make rather often and quite enjoy: chilli peanut butter chicken. The judge chef of the night, Lisa Faulkner (a previous Celebrity Master Chef winner), said she rather enjoyed it - tho I am quite sure she was being paid to be nice (she denied this, because she just is a nice person overall).

The sauces in the series are:
* Peri Peri – hot and zingy
* Fiery Sriracha – Thai classic
* Hot Pepper – lively and fruity
* Sweet Chilli – moreish and tangy
* Jerk BBQ – peppery and punchy

In fact, if anything, this night really incentivized me to cook more often and to cook better. Especially Circus Mom's Sweet Chilli Chicken.


2 chicken breasts
handful of shallots
1 large carrot
200-300g shiitake mushrooms
4-5 garlic cloves
200g smooth peanut butter
Mirin sauce
sesame oil
soy sauce
Heinz Fiery Sriracha Sauce

Cooked long grain rice

1. Heat up a pan, then fry the chopped chicken breast in sesame oil until golden.

2. Add the chopped shiitake, shallots and carrots to the pan. Crush some garlic and add that in as well.

3. In a separate bowl, mix up soy sauce, mirin sauce, Heinz Fiery Sriracha sauce and the peanut butter. Then pour the mix into the frying pan and season accordingly.

Once everything is cooked, add in the ground almonds.

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